An Eventful Week

This week has been eventful! After a few stressed days we have managed to fix long standing problems in several projects. We are satisfied.

In the Scripta Qumranica Project we have managed to clean up the frontend quite a bit. Various rotation and scaling transformations were interfering with each other. After refactoring, tidying up and giving variables proper names – the code is understandable, quick and fully working.

In another project we have a Chrome extension that tracks specific aspects of Facebook usage of people who participate in an experiment. After a lot of back and forth with the scholar, we have finally managed to get the extension to work, stably, on all of our beta testers’ computers. The experiment launches in a few hours.

And finally, in a project that involves OpenBabel, we were having a really hard time with deployment. OpenBabel is not easy to install, especially with its Python bindings. We’ve managed to figure out how to install it with fewer problems. Hopefully now the reviewers who’s had issues with this are going to accept the paper to publication.

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