Recent Project:

Archaeological Artifacts 3D Display Prototype

Cue Indiana Jones music! Seriously, who wouldn’t want to spend time at a real archaeological dig, finding remnants of objects that have been buried for hundreds or thousands of years.

We certainly do.

That’s why we were thrilled beyond pottery shards when the Israeli Antiquities Association and researcher Avshalom Karasik of the Archaeology Institute of Hebrew University asked us to help them design and create a prototype for a project that will give the IAA a to share online some of the thousands of artifacts in their possession.

While still in the prototype stage, the online display technology we created allows users to see each fragment or shard in 3d, rotate it 360 degrees in any direction, and includes full details of where the shard was found. We implemented the prototype using three.js a 3d JavaScript library for Python, using WebGL. The advantage of employing this particular technology is that it allows 3d display without the special plug-in or download on the user side.

This prototype provides proof-of-concept for online 3d display, and will be used to discuss the final database and to test new methods for data visualization.

You can view the prototype and 3d-display technology in action, here.

IAA Sample