Best way to optimize your research time this summer

Be honest – is your research project behind schedule?

As summer approaches and university campuses quiet down and teaching loads are lighter, you are undoubtedly planning to catch up on your academic “to do” list.  But we know the truth. You’ve over-promised and over-committed and are already behind schedule. We’ve been there.

It’s a great time to think about how to make your lab work more smoothly.

Have you thought about consulting with a Research Software Engineer?

We help fill in the gaps in your lab by assisting with wrangling and managing data, creating custom code, writing documentation, and with other tasks needed by a modern digital lab.  If you have a team of PhD candidates and post-graduate students, we work with them – mentoring, overseeing their programming when necessary, and making sure any code is optimized from the start.

If you have a research project that could use some assistance, please be in touch, we’d love to hear about your research.