The Archaeologist Who Went Serverless (and why you should too…)

By Itay Zandbank / July 5, 2018 /

There’s a lot of hype now about ‘serverless’. Almost every day we read about new serverless application frameworks, serverless cloud providers and, of-course, serverless t-shirts. First, a little background, in case you’ve been living in a log cabin in the woods and are unfamiliar with the world of serverless. (And actually, we’d be ok with…

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What’s the Best Language for Academic Programming? (Hint – it isn’t C++)

By Itay Zandbank / May 31, 2018 /

As consultants to academics, we are often invited to join a project “already in progress.” Sometimes we’re called in to assist after a student has graduated and left the team, or to help a team that has hit a speed bump. In such cases we usually have the project’s programming language dictated to us by…

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