No no’s

Scientific Programming “Don’ts” – Badly Named Variables

By Itay Zandbank / July 3, 2018 /

I once knew a software engineer who gave birth to identical triplets.  Since no one could tell the babies apart, she named them all X and planned to assign a string to each one later. For various reasons, she never did.  Since she and her husband never did learn to tell them apart, they continued…

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Scientific Programming “Don’ts” – Don’t leave confusing code undocumented

By Itay Zandbank / June 18, 2018 /

Sometimes your code does something not trivial to fix a problem that isn’t obvious. For example, in one place someone was having some rounding issues, so we found this gem in the code: double *pf = &f; (*(long long *)pf) += 8; The only comment there was “solve rounding issues”. We’ve encountered this code when…

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Scientific Programming “Don’ts” – Not Using Source Code Repositories

By Itay Zandbank / June 11, 2018 /

Scientific Programming “Don’ts” – is the first in a series of blog posts created from the nightmares of the The Research Software Company’s top developers.  We encourage you to heed our warnings! As developers,  we are often called upon to consult only after something has gone horribly wrong.  For example, sometimes we are handed code…

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