Recent Project:

Frankenstein Variorum

Sometimes the job of the Digital Humanist is to re-animate and invigorate something that appears lifeless. That’s what a team of researchers and editors hope to do by creating the Frankenstein Variorium in honor of the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s landmark work.

( A variorum is an edition of a work that incorporates multiple critical editions of the text, we know you were too shy to ask. )

We were asked by the team based at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, to assist with creating a better user interface to allow researchers to better view multiple versions of the classic text simultaneously. We implemented the visualization and a unique navigation system, working with our frequent collaborators at the Agile agency in Canada. On a dark and rainy night, we went into the lab, ran a little electricity through our code and voila! The variorum is alive, it’s alive! Even Boris Karloff would be thrilled to see it.

You can see the digital variorum edition here, or you can visit the project’s GitHub page for more information.