Recent Project:

Onomasticon from the Iron II Southern Levant

Onomasticon may sound like an obscure Jeopardy category, but it’s actually a pretty common phrase in the world of Digital Humanities. An Onomasticon is a list of names or words in a specialized field sorted in a logical way other than alphabetically.

The Onomasticon we created was for Dr. Mitka Golub, of the Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology. As Dr. Golub describes it, this Onomasticon is ” a comprehensive collection of personal names and their various characteristics from the Iron II Southern Levant. The personal names were collected from epigraphic artifacts found in archaeological excavations of Israel, Judah, and neighboring kingdoms. These artifacts were gathered from corpora, excavation reports, books on Iron Age II epigraphy, and relevant journal articles. The onomasticon can be easily searched according to its different categories, such as name, artifact type, artifact site, territorial affiliation, and prefixed/suffixed theophoric element.”

We developed the site using TypeScript and Angular. You can view and search the Onomasticon here.