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A case study: CSM, Continuous Symmetry Measure

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Part I – Introduction Several years ago, we were approached by a research lab at The Institute of Chemistry at Hebrew University with a request to help with a project called the Continuous Symmetry Measure (CSM). Like many projects on which we are asked to consult, the code had been written and maintained by a…

Best way to optimize your research time this summer

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Be honest – is your research project behind schedule? As summer approaches and university campuses quiet down and teaching loads are lighter, you are undoubtedly planning to catch up on your academic “to do” list.  But we know the truth. You’ve over-promised and over-committed and are already behind schedule. We’ve been there. It’s a great…

Welcome to The Research Software Company

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Hi. Welcome to our blog.  Not much here yet, but all great blogs have to start somewhere.  Let’s start with an introduction and overview. The Research Software Company wants to help you with your research by assisting with software creation, data management, and other digital tasks that are taking up too much time and too…