Our Services

Database Creation

The Research Software Company will assist you in gathering, organizing, and manipulating research data. By integrating content from multiple sources we create databases that include text, video, or other media elements. The finished database will ensure your data is available for long-term use.

Original Coding

Whether you require assistance coding a project from scratch, optimizing existing software, or completing a stalled project, our team will work with you to create streamlined, reusable code. Our coders are experts in Python, C, Java, and other modern programming languages and will write software using the programming platform that's most appropriate for your project.


If you have an existing product that requires documentation such as a high-level overview, full technical specifications, or end-user instructions, The Research Software Company can create professional documentation in multiple languages.

Website Creation

Provide access to your research and make your data available online via a secure, well-crafted website. Promote your lab, current projects, and highlight team members' accomplishments.

Student Oversight

The Research Software Company provides oversight to students and PhD. candidates as they create original software for your lab. Our involvement in mentoring and guiding students assures your software projects contain minimal errors, and saves you time to publication.

Project Continuity

Custom software created for your lab's research may have a long lifecycle, requiring upgrades and changes as your research advances. Graduate students who begin work on a project frequently move on to other things as they complete their studies. Teaming up with professional software developers who will be with you for the life of the project counterbalances the effects of personnel turnover in your lab.

Data Preparation

Academic research requires clean, easily manipulable data. Integrating content from multiple sources, including importing existing data sets, scraping 3rd party websites, extracting data locked in legacy formats, or converting data from one format to another, we output a single, unified data set.


Even complete, well-running software requires ongoing basic maintenance. The Research Software Company can supplement your lab's IT staff to help keep your servers up and running, and your programs available when needed.